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Navigating the Collapse of Time


by David Ian Cowan




It is no secret something BIG is happening on Planet Earth. Mainstream media can report the effects, but seems unaware of the causes and incapable of offering constructive responses to what we all are beginning to intuit.  Join author, teacher and lecturer David Ian Cowan as he explores many avenues leading to an appreciation of a ‘Bigger Picture’ of this Time of Transition.  Learn all you really need to know about the ‘2012’ phenomena, the effect of Cosmic energies on  DNA, the ‘roots’ of human limitation, the ‘Grand Cycles’ responsible for former periods of change, the experience of the ‘Collapse of Time’, and much more.  Knowledge is power…the power to respond creatively and confidently to what may be the biggest opportunity for positive change we have had on Earth in eons!  Plan to attend this evening with an open mind…the intent of this work is to replace fear with facts, apprehension with Peace, and questions with answers.!/NavigatingTheCollapseofTime


Link to Order the Book from



Quantum Master and author, David Cowan, will be speaking at the EPFX Training

held at the Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore

 August 27 and 28, 2011.


To register for the event, please call Cathy Slaght at 727-822-2111


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