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I have been dealing with pain in my left hip recently.  About 12 years ago I was staying at a friend’ s home, dog sitting.  That morning the carpet had been shampooed professionally and still pretty wet. Not wanting to walk on it with shoes, I walked to the sofa  in my socks.  The wet socks made my feet cold, so I took them off.  After a while I decided to throw the socks in the wash. Never giving a thought to what I was doing, I stepped off the wet carpet onto the tile floor.  My feet flew straight up and I crash landed on my left hip. I had one gigantic purple bruise for a while and cracked a bone in my hand.  Needless to say, I am very nervous about wet surfaces. Anyway, periodically my hip pain reappears, as old injuries sometimes do. I don’t know what brought it on this time, but I have been using the Avalon frequently to try to get rid of the pain. It has been so bad that I have brought my cane out of “moth balls”. Walking has been a challenge. I am way overdue for a chiropractic adjustment.  An adjustment plus some Yoga to stretch the area, along with the Avalon will hopefully help relieve my pain


Posted July 30, 2011 by linda4light in How it works

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  1. Here is something I read today that you might want to try: “energy is chi. If chi is blocked, one is sick. Choose one part of your body where you have problems, which could include pain, stiffness, heaviness, fullness, inflammation, a cyst, or other issues. Put one palm on that area, Then chant repeatedly Chi flows Chi flows Chi flows Chi flows. Practice for at least three minutes, the longer the better. ”

    This comes from the Soul Systems Series by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha.

    If you try it, let us know if it helps!

  2. Thanks, I’ll try it and let you know.

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