Benefits of light, the Avalon and who uses light therapy   1 comment

Light Therapy has  been used for years. We’ve all heard of light being used for SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Today, research has shown that light may have many more applications for the body.  In foreign countries, LED, light emitting diodes have been used by medical professionals in dentistry, dermatology and neurology, as well as other applications.

The Avalon works works on the body tissue at a cellular level, using  Monochromatic single wave light units. They are,  Near Infrared Light: which can penetrate deeply into human tissue, Red Light: not as deep. may help the skin, reduce inflammation and help in wound healing.  Blue Light: may help with sleep, SAD , increase alertness and reset the biological clock.  Working together these light waves help to increase the flow of Oxygen, Blood and Lymphatic fluid as well as promoting tissue regeneration.

There is still research being done on the effects of light therapy and it is currently used by individuals at home,  in hospitals, and in clinical settings such as  The Mayo Clinic,  NASA , the Navy Seals and the American Diabetes Association. For more information, visit The Avalon Effect website in links.


Posted July 20, 2011 by linda4light in How it works

One response to “Benefits of light, the Avalon and who uses light therapy

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  1. It took this country a while to get on the bandwagon- in europe they’ve worked with light for a long time!

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