A friend is more rested   1 comment

Staying at a friends house the last three nights.  Josie has some health challenges and has been unusually stressed and unable to sleep lately. Every night I set her up for a treatment on the Avalon before bed. She has slept through each night and feels much more able to greet the day. Soon I will be living closer and we will be able to do treatments more often. I am interested to see how using the Avalon more might help  her in other ways.


Posted July 17, 2011 by linda4light in How it works

One response to “A friend is more rested

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  1. that’s wonderful that you can help your friend! one of the best parts of owning this technology is just that! can she come to our workshop next week? surely they won’t charge guests, although am waiting for a call back on that. it might offer her alot of encouragement that she will get through everything that’s been bringing her down.

    i got into a work rut and didn’t use my avalon for almost a week. when I used it yesterday it put me to sleep immediately, it was like my body needed the light so much that my whole body had to go into a deep parasympatetic state. Of course we know that’s where healing occurs.

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