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Hip pain   2 comments

I have been dealing with pain in my left hip recently.  About 12 years ago I was staying at a friend’ s home, dog sitting.  That morning the carpet had been shampooed professionally and still pretty wet. Not wanting to walk on it with shoes, I walked to the sofa  in my socks.  The wet socks made my feet cold, so I took them off.  After a while I decided to throw the socks in the wash. Never giving a thought to what I was doing, I stepped off the wet carpet onto the tile floor.  My feet flew straight up and I crash landed on my left hip. I had one gigantic purple bruise for a while and cracked a bone in my hand.  Needless to say, I am very nervous about wet surfaces. Anyway, periodically my hip pain reappears, as old injuries sometimes do. I don’t know what brought it on this time, but I have been using the Avalon frequently to try to get rid of the pain. It has been so bad that I have brought my cane out of “moth balls”. Walking has been a challenge. I am way overdue for a chiropractic adjustment.  An adjustment plus some Yoga to stretch the area, along with the Avalon will hopefully help relieve my pain


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Everything is Energy Summit   1 comment

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Benefits of light, the Avalon and who uses light therapy   1 comment

Light Therapy has  been used for years. We’ve all heard of light being used for SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Today, research has shown that light may have many more applications for the body.  In foreign countries, LED, light emitting diodes have been used by medical professionals in dentistry, dermatology and neurology, as well as other applications.

The Avalon works works on the body tissue at a cellular level, using  Monochromatic single wave light units. They are,  Near Infrared Light: which can penetrate deeply into human tissue, Red Light: not as deep. may help the skin, reduce inflammation and help in wound healing.  Blue Light: may help with sleep, SAD , increase alertness and reset the biological clock.  Working together these light waves help to increase the flow of Oxygen, Blood and Lymphatic fluid as well as promoting tissue regeneration.

There is still research being done on the effects of light therapy and it is currently used by individuals at home,  in hospitals, and in clinical settings such as  The Mayo Clinic,  NASA , the Navy Seals and the American Diabetes Association. For more information, visit The Avalon Effect website in links.

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Relaxed !   Leave a comment

This last couple of days I have been putting two pads across my mid-section and the eye pad over my heart. I felt myself relaxing so much that I automatically took deeper breaths, deepening the relaxation. I didn’t fall asleep, but I could have.

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I owe it all to Yvonne and Hank. Check out their website.   htttp://  They are on Facebook, too.

And thanks to Cathy for the introduction.


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A friend is more rested   1 comment

Staying at a friends house the last three nights.  Josie has some health challenges and has been unusually stressed and unable to sleep lately. Every night I set her up for a treatment on the Avalon before bed. She has slept through each night and feels much more able to greet the day. Soon I will be living closer and we will be able to do treatments more often. I am interested to see how using the Avalon more might help  her in other ways.

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Quote from Dr John Ott   Leave a comment

“We are all light deficient and this deficiency may be the source of our physical and emotional problems.” Dr. John Ott, Light Therapy Pioneer

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