The Avalon Effect event in Tampa- featuring a talk by Dave Cowan, author of Navigating the collapse of time


Navigating the Collapse of Time


by David Ian Cowan




It is no secret something BIG is happening on Planet Earth. Mainstream media can report the effects, but seems unaware of the causes and incapable of offering constructive responses to what we all are beginning to intuit.  Join author, teacher and lecturer David Ian Cowan as he explores many avenues leading to an appreciation of a ‘Bigger Picture’ of this Time of Transition.  Learn all you really need to know about the ‘2012’ phenomena, the effect of Cosmic energies on  DNA, the ‘roots’ of human limitation, the ‘Grand Cycles’ responsible for former periods of change, the experience of the ‘Collapse of Time’, and much more.  Knowledge is power…the power to respond creatively and confidently to what may be the biggest opportunity for positive change we have had on Earth in eons!  Plan to attend this evening with an open mind…the intent of this work is to replace fear with facts, apprehension with Peace, and questions with answers.!/NavigatingTheCollapseofTime


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Quantum Master and author, David Cowan, will be speaking at the EPFX Training

held at the Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore

 August 27 and 28, 2011.


To register for the event, please call Cathy Slaght at 727-822-2111

The Avalon event in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL - Dave & Erina Cowan!
When: Saturday, Aug 27, 2011ll 
Where: Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore Hotel (map)
Description:Featured Event Speakers:
Dave & Erina Cowan
Event Host:
Cathy Slaght
Event Location:
Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore Hotel
2225 North Lois Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607
Event Time:
10:00am - 4:00pm 
7:00pm - 9:00pm
To Register:
Cathy - 727-822-2111

20 years

20 years ago today my daughter Sarah and I moved to Florida. I’ve made some wonderful friends here and although the heat can be extreme, I still love it here as much as when we first arrived……Update:  My hip is feeling much better now. I don’t need the cane anymore. I’ll continue using the Avalon on the hip, but I generally move it to make sure other areas are covered as well.

Hip pain

I have been dealing with pain in my left hip recently.  About 12 years ago I was staying at a friend’ s home, dog sitting.  That morning the carpet had been shampooed professionally and still pretty wet. Not wanting to walk on it with shoes, I walked to the sofa  in my socks.  The wet socks made my feet cold, so I took them off.  After a while I decided to throw the socks in the wash. Never giving a thought to what I was doing, I stepped off the wet carpet onto the tile floor.  My feet flew straight up and I crash landed on my left hip. I had one gigantic purple bruise for a while and cracked a bone in my hand.  Needless to say, I am very nervous about wet surfaces. Anyway, periodically my hip pain reappears, as old injuries sometimes do. I don’t know what brought it on this time, but I have been using the Avalon frequently to try to get rid of the pain. It has been so bad that I have brought my cane out of “moth balls”. Walking has been a challenge. I am way overdue for a chiropractic adjustment.  An adjustment plus some Yoga to stretch the area, along with the Avalon will hopefully help relieve my pain

Benefits of light, the Avalon and who uses light therapy

Light Therapy has  been used for years. We’ve all heard of light being used for SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Today, research has shown that light may have many more applications for the body.  In foreign countries, LED, light emitting diodes have been used by medical professionals in dentistry, dermatology and neurology, as well as other applications.

The Avalon works works on the body tissue at a cellular level, using  Monochromatic single wave light units. They are,  Near Infrared Light: which can penetrate deeply into human tissue, Red Light: not as deep. may help the skin, reduce inflammation and help in wound healing.  Blue Light: may help with sleep, SAD , increase alertness and reset the biological clock.  Working together these light waves help to increase the flow of Oxygen, Blood and Lymphatic fluid as well as promoting tissue regeneration.

There is still research being done on the effects of light therapy and it is currently used by individuals at home,  in hospitals, and in clinical settings such as  The Mayo Clinic,  NASA , the Navy Seals and the American Diabetes Association. For more information, visit The Avalon Effect website in links.